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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Good and Bad of the Reality Show Era

Reality shows…

We love them! Some people like the drama, some like the decadence, others like that the people on the shows have lives more screwed up than theirs.

You know what I like about reality shows? Love is a better adjective, I love that the people on the shows are going after their dreams. They are dream chasers and that’s an admirable quality to have in my book. All of those shows have people going after something, be it marriages, restaurants, new sports teams, shoe lines, friends, a new life for their kids.

I also like that reality shows are where I get to see people that look like me. The other day I flipped from Love and Hip Hop, Housewives of Atlanta, to The Game and I was so excited just seeing all that brown skin. I’m in Hollywood, I was an actress for 7 years and it didn’t go anywhere. An old friend was one of the producers on 2 and a Half Men, not Chuck but the other one and I asked him if I could audition for one of the female parts. My type was the hot model and they had lots of models on that show. He told me that middle America didn’t want to see Charlie Sheen flirt with a Black woman. It pissed me off so bad, mainly because he was flirting with me, really hard and plus I had gone on two dates with the brother on the show. Forget middle America! The reality is that white men dig Black women and it should be shown or at least something so that sisters could get a job too. I say all that to say... I know how hard it is for Black women and men to be on TV. And now, my husband points out that Latinas play blacks all the time - which reduces our presence even more. So I will take whatever reality show I can to see some diversity.

What I don’t like is the animal nature of the characters, screwing and fighting. That’s all you got. It’s great for entertainment, but take it as that and please don’t try to be that way in real life. I also dislike the simplicity of the gold diggers on TV, athletes and entertainers, that’s all you have but what scares me is that young women don’t understand that this isn’t normal! Real men don’t care for that type of behavior.  
Watch those shows but understand it is show business.


Reality shows are all about money and bling but real life is about accumulating assets and decreasing your liabilities. Create a habit of saving money not spending it trying to look like a celebrity. If the stuff in your closet is worth more than you have saved, you have a problem!

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