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Friday, January 13, 2012

The “I Need A Man Who I Can’t Walk Over” Lie

I was reading Media Take Out and they mentioned that Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend had beat her a few times or something like that. Now, the validity of this claim aside, the reality is that talented beautiful girls in all walks of life are constantly hooking up with guys who hit them. I wondered why and remembered this phrase I had repeatedly heard from lost souls, “I can’t date a man that let’s me walk all over him.” When I asked these girls what they meant, they said they didn't like men who let them talk to them any old type of way; they need a man who stands up for himself.

That thinking is very flawed and I’m sure it can be traced back to an abusive relationship that was witnessed by a child. The problem is that you shouldn’t talk to men “any old type of way” in the first place, so “checking” you shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t know what type of behavior women expect from these men who “check” them but it usually isn’t good. Self respect is great and your man should respect himself but please don’t mistake a man’s desire to please you and make you happy as a sign of weakness. If you do, you need professional help, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts smacking you.

When looking for a man, the first thing you should look for is a guy who kisses the ground you walk on and wants to please you, because after that everything else will fall into place. Your man shouldn’t have to worry about you talking to him any type of way because you just won’t.

My little brother is an ass towards women and the chicks he dates are so stupid that words can’t be wasted towards them. He cheats on all of them and takes money from one to spend on the other - just low down. I asked him why he treats women the way he does, he said because they allow it. It confused me, why would you treat them like that in the first place then punish them for liking you? So I am asking you to comprehend what my brother is too simple to get, don’t treat men poorly first and then punish them for liking you because the only alternative that you get is a man that doesn’t like your dumb behind.  

In the case of domestic violence, do you punish the man for hitting the woman or the woman for staying? Same thing.


A big misconception women have is that men care about what we think. Practice being agreeable, you don't have to agree but say "I never thought of it like that. That's interesting." make a joke and change the subject.

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