Serria Says Rules

Blog Rules

No Boys Allowed!!

Let's lay down some ground rules before we go any further. This site is a secret site intended for women only! I have not done any press, hell Playboy doesn't even know about this site and I'm a Playmate. The reason I haven't told them is because I don't want all those men on here finding out our secrets. To be honest my husband doesn't even know because these are tricks, and they can and will be used on him. 

Keep your mouth shut! There is a certain type of woman that I don't like, she is single, and she will ask some random boy who's making an ass out of her something she read on this site and he will tell her it's wrong and blah blah blah. This man will then infect our site like that bacteria from Contagion. Don't be that girl. Share this site with your girlfriends only! Don't discuss it with guys at all, pretty please. 

Some of the things I say, you will agree with, and for other things you will think I have lost my "God fearing mind" but how about this...give me a try for one year. Just one year, which in the grand scheme of things is not a long time. Let's say you are 34 never married, and looking for ways to improve your chances, try me for a year. Ask questions or get clarity, other girls want to know too. Let's help each other. 

I know that some people may think that since I'm pretty, 5'9 and a size 4 that I have men falling at my feet. Sweetie, I live in LA, everyone looks like they stepped off a magazine cover and what I'm telling you will separate you from your competition. Yes there is a competition, not in a "I'm going to kill the winner" type way but in a "bring your A game" type way. 

Enjoy the site, make comments, share it with your girlfriends and tell them "no boys allowed."