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Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Talk

Try to read this objectively and without judgmentt. Baby talk is a weapon that should be kept in your back pocket and used when needed. In the meantime I want you to practice using this very necessary tool that is specific to women. Try it out on guys you casually date to see what types work best.

There are two types of baby talk, actual baby talk where you change the letters of a word and physical baby talk where you pout and use childlike behavior, for example saying “tickle tickle” when you tickle his tummy. I personally think that all men like a little baby talk and women should know how to do it. No matter how powerful your position is in real life or how much money you make, at the end of the day you are still someone’s girlfriend.   

I have a sorority sister who is an attorney and she was the first person I’ve ever seen to actively use baby talk, she’s a sister too. Whenever she spoke to a guy she would raise her voice and it was actually kind of adorable…to me! Guys ate it up. I never gave myself permission to be that “foolish,” I didn’t get it.

After I modeled and saw my girlfriends sprinkle in baby talk to their boyfriends and sugar daddies then I took note. Some of the die hard sugar baby blonds only spoke in baby talk; all the damn time! It made girls hate them of course, but they were professional sugar babies and didn’t give a care about what we thought. 

I also knew of a 3rd grade school teacher who would land all these rich fianc├ęs with baby talk, “snicky-wicky can you get me a milkie-wilkie?”

Some men appreciate baby talk when it’s used at appropriate times. What I find is that it works to get guys to do what you want. Don’t do it all the time and I recommend using it outside of the bedroom instead of as foreplay.


It's more about the action than the words. A good way to implement baby talk is by pouting. It's super silly and shows that you don't take yourself too seriously. A guy rather you pout than yell at him.

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